last week of school

Tomorrow the whole school will go to the church service. Straight after all middle school have water safety lessons. I cant wait. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my weekend

On the weekend i was bored. I hated it.

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On the weekend I was bored.

GR 3 excursion

Last Friday all grade 3s went on an excursion around Shepparton. First we went to Sherbourne Shephards hut. A man called Evan showed us around Sherbourne Shephards hut. Then we went to the War Memorials. Maeve and Josh were the wreath bearers. Then we had recess. Then we had a walk around the river before lunch. Then we went to the tower. Then we went to the museum.

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This Thursday it is the school Fete. The whole school has been practicing for Bouchiers’ Got Talent show.

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Last Monday it was Halloween. When it was four o’clock mum, Emily and I went to a Halloween party at my mums work. It was so much fun. Since not many people showed up we got two lolly bags each. This girl called Katie had a birthday. We had cake and it was delicious. There were yummy cupcakes. I met a girl called Emma. I wish I could go next year.

Last Friday

Last Friday we helped raise money for the fete.  We came to school in casual clothes and had to bring a gold coin, a prize or some chocolates.

SHEPPARTON SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last saturday Mum, Emily and I went to the Shepparton Show and my baby brother Eddy and Dad stayed home. The first ride we went on was the teacups. They were Alice in Wonderland ones. After that we went on these water ball things that float on water. For the last thing we did was teacups again. I got four show bags and one of them was called Groovy Chicks, another  Milkybars, another Smartys and my favourite one was the Kitkat showbag. It was so much fun I hope I can go next year.








Middle School Clubs!

For the last four weeks of school all middle school classes have been doing clubs. For the first two weeks I did tennis. For these last two weeks I am making dream catchers. It has been so fun I wish it could NEVER stop.

Book Day

Today was Book Day! I dressed up as Supergirl and my little sister dressed up as Ariel. All the grade three girl teachers where company Oompa Loompas and the male grade three teacher was Willy Wonka. It was really funny when I saw all the teachers in their costumes. After recess we went to three activity rotations. My favourite activity was making slime. We also made paper bag reports. The book I chose was EJ spy school. I had so much fun and I hope i get to do it again next year.


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